The Servant Korean Movie Review

The Servant Movie

My Score: 5.5/10 


Director:  Kim Dae-Woo

Cast: Kim Ju-Hyeok Jo Yeo-Jeong Ryoo Seung-Bum

Genre: Historical/Romance

Summary: This is an alternative story to the famous “Legend of Choon-Hyang”.  Instead of having Mong-Ryong be the lead guy, his servant is instead. Choon-Hyang has to decide between the true love of the attractive servant or increase her status by marrying Mong-Ryong.

Review: Basically in the old story this is based on, Choon-Hyang was a lower status than Mong-Ryong, but he was in love with her so they became romantically involved. However, soon Mong-Ryong has to leave because his father was transferred away and Mong-Ryong has to go take an exam to become a government inspector.  While he’s gone, a new magistrate is appointed to Choon-Hyang’s town and this magistrate goes after her. He tries to force her to become his mistress, but she refuses since she’s waiting for Mong-Ryong. The magistrate is angered and imprisons her and sentences her to death. Right when she’s going to be executed, Mong-Ryong comes back and saves her.

I have to give this movie props for it’s clever way of twisting the original story. It was really interesting and I liked that a lot. The servant was really great. He was good-looking, loving, good at everything, ect… but still had enough weaknesses to make him attractive.

However, I did not like any of the other characters except maybe the servant’s womanizer friend.

Mong-Ryong was a real bad guy here… Choon-Hyang kept playing around with both of the guys. I just couldn’t like her enough for this to be a good movie for me.

I liked the ending of this movie as well, but I didn’t feel moved. I might have if I had liked Choon-Hyang, but as it was… the movie just had an interesting plot and lead character, that’s all.

Oh, a word of warning… there is a lot of sex and some nudity in this movie. There were three fairly long sex scenes where you could clearly see breasts and groping of other areas. So if stuff like that is uncomfortable to you, or if you are underage, then you should maybe avoid this movie or have someone to fast-forward for you, haha….

My Score: 6.5/10 


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